Self-Employed Writers Can Save the World

Well, the literary world, at least. Think about it: what can we do that writers tied up with big-name publishers can't?  We can write what we want.  I'll give you an example I'm very familiar with. What happened to (arguably) some of the best sci-fi shows ever? They were cancelled.  Seriously. They cancelled the original Star … Continue reading Self-Employed Writers Can Save the World


Self-Employment and Discipline

I know, that title probably sounds ominous, but bear with me. I have met so many people, both in-person and online, who say that they want to write a book. This hypothetical book can be almost anything; fiction, their life story, how well their new diet works, home decorating tips, recipes, obscure hobbies, etc. But guess what? The … Continue reading Self-Employment and Discipline