Sorry For My Absence

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I definitely haven’t forgotten about this blog, but my family and I have been moving to a new apartment. 

The good news is that the new apartment is much nicer than the old one. It’s smaller than the old one, and our computers will probably have to go in the living room, but the neighborhood feels so much safer. And, maybe best of all, it’s got hardwood floors! Sure, carpeting is warmer and easier on bare feet, but it was such a pain to keep clean. Just a sweep and the occasional mop should do it for this place. 

Lemme tell you, though, finding an apartment in Washington State with hardwood floors is like looking for a unicorn. 

But, nice as the new place is, we’ve been packing, moving, and unpacking for weeks. We only just got steady internet connection at home but there’s still so much more to do. Luckily, I have been able to write during the days, but between the move and trying to finish up my next book, this blog is going slow. 

After we hired the junk haulers at the old place to take away the old furniture, including the old computer desks, I had to jury-rig a temporary desk for my computer out of a couple of plastic tubs, some pillows, a stack of books, and a laptop lap desk. It wasn’t very comfortable, but it got the job done. I’m just glad to have a proper place for my computer now, where it’s not as likely to topple over. 

I’m hoping things will calm down soon and I can return to regular posting schedule.


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