I am an Amazon Affiliate, meaning any special Affiliate links I post will earn me a very small commission if you purchase something from Amazon within 24 hours of clicking my link. This isn’t an instant click-and-pay system; You have to actually buy something from Amazon for me to earn the commission. If you click on my link, then click on someone else’s affiliate link and then buy, the commission goes to them.

I do not track any of your personal information. Anything you enter into an Amazon site will not be visible by me.

Affiliate links will be clearly marked with an asterisk (*) and a note at the bottom of the post identifying them as Affiliate links.

I don’t want readers to believe that I recommend these products solely because I earn money off of you purchasing them. I only recommend product that I myself enjoy and use, and believe that others would find useful. And I find Amazon convenient and useful. You are free to pick and choose about these products, and you are free to not buy even after clicking the link.